An Intriguing Story

I wrote this piece about 4 years ago when I did a small writing workshop. I thought my painting was kind of mysterious-like the story.

My name is Henry James.
Who is that?
No, I do not think so, my parents were not educated people.
Well, when I was here originally, I lived in the house on State Street where I was found.
A very long time ago.
No, I never married-I lived in the house with my parents.
They left before I did.
They went above.
Yes, then I lived alone.
Well, because I do not know why I am here.
No, no one. They are all gone.
Yes, we all have been gone a long time.
It was my home.
I was looking for the door.
No, not the door to the house.
Yes, I know that it is no longer my house.
The door that would take me back.
Yes, I did think so.
Because it was the last door that I went through.
When I was here before.
No, I did not find it.
Because then I knew I did not find it for a reason.
I have not completed my task.
 I do not know now, but I will when the time comes.
It is usually to help a soul in need, perhaps to prevent something happening to a soul.
Perhaps. There are many ways a soul can be troubled.
Sometimes, sometimes not.
The soul may be depressed or suicidal.
An accident-perhaps in an automobile.
Something sudden-like a stroke.
I do not decide.
HE does.
I am sorry they were afraid.
I thought they would not see me.
Because for most of their lives people do not see them.
Yes, Angels.
Yes, I am.
Again, I do not know why I am here.
No! Those that are fallen do not come to earth.
That is your word.
Again, I do not now know the reason, but I will when the time has arrived.
Yes, after-then I will be able to find the door.
She says what?
Ah-you are talking to yourself.
She cannot see me because now the time must have come.
Because you must be the one.
The one I am to help.
I do not know the reason yet, but it must be you.
I know it seems like it cannot be. Yet it is.
I think you must trust.
Yes, and have faith.
I also see it.
It is because we both see it that that we are meant to enter it together.
I am glad that you are not afraid.
Yes, that is why I came.
Come, let us enter.

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