Mystery Solved

In my last post I asked the question “which one of these 4 paintings was done from a photo as opposed to en plein air?” (not an exact quote, but hey…). So here’s the answer: the painting with the cows!

When I finished touching up these paintings the other day, and had them all sitting out together, it struck me that even though 3 were done en plein air (on site), those 3 didn’t all look stylistically similar. I thought the barn looked like a studio painting, and the cows looked plein air. Look back at the paintings. Do you agree?

As I have painted plein air paintings I find that I paint more quickly, and with bolder brush strokes. The barn looks smoother and less spontaneous to me. I find it interesting also that I seem to have two styles. I wonder why this is? On the day I did the barn, (which is larger than the other 3) I wanted to do a “big sky” painting. I think because I’ve done a lot of those in the studio, it came out like that. That’s my theory anyway-it wasn’t conscious.

Regardless, I think I like them all, and I’ll continue to paint what comes out of me the way it comes out!

One thought on “Mystery Solved

  1. (I did guess it was the cow landscape.) You’re a good self critic. Just listen to yourself. Examine things from a distance. Plein air is atmospheric and is all about light. I think the other three pieces did capture this feeling.


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