Another Silly Story

Here’s another story I wrote from one of Mary Tornetta’s facebook posts. It was headed:

“She wouldn’t trade him. Not even for a new pair of shoes. (One of Horace Warner’s Spitalfields Nippers, 1902.)”


Here’s my silly story:

No, not even for a pair of shoes! Evelyn Burbank, seen here at the age of 7 with Scooters, her cat, grew up so poor, as a matter of fact, that she rarely had a pair of shoes. When she did, they were usually cardboard. Leather was an expensive commodity! Fast forward 10 years, and Scooters, who by that time was 13 years old, died. As Evelyn (now 17 and still dirt poor) prepared to give her beloved friend a proper burial in a vacant lot, she had a sudden epiphany! To paraphrase Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todd: “seems an awful waste..with the price of leather what it is…” Lo and behold, the next week Evelyn was wearing a new pair of shoes-the wonder of the neighborhood! In fact, so unusual were her new shoes (fur lined!) that she caught the eye of every young man on the street. Another two years, and Evelyn was now Mrs. Manuel Blahnik. Manuel was a good husband and provider-he worked in construction-and soon the Blahnik family was growing! The eldest of their 14 children, born in 1914, was Olivia Mariposa. When she was 20 she married Espinoso Rodriguez, and Olivia, who had grown up during the “Roaring 20’s” was quite the feminist. Unusually for the time,she insisted on keeping her maiden name, and became Olivia Blahnik Rodriguez .Espinoso worked in a leather making factory. They had 25 children together, the 8th of which they named Manuel, in honor of Olivia’s father. Everyone in the family had nicknames-and-you guessed it-little Manuel became known as Manolo. One day, when he was 12 years old, he discovered an old pair of fur lined shoes that had belonged to his grandmother. Before long he was begging his dad for scraps from the leather factory and….well now you know the true history of the famous Manolo Blahnik!

(Manolo Blahnik is a famous shoe designer-in real life-really!)

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