About Me

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I started a love of oil painting when I was given a set of oil paints as a kid.

I always fancied myself an artist, but when given a choice between a college scholarship in art, and one in music, I chose music. All these many years later I am still a professional cellist, but I am just now finding the time and mental resources to once again pursue my love of oil painting. Since my last official instruction in painting was over 30 years ago, I guess you could call me self taught.

What I love to paint most of all is landscapes. I find inspiration in the natural beauty that I see in this wonderful state of Wisconsin. In some of my paintings, I also love to incorporate the written word. I may hide a small sentence or poem that you can find if you look carefully!

Last summer I began painting “en plein air” which is painting outside, in “the field”.  I participated in several plein air competitions and events. These have been some of my best selling and award winning paintings!